The sauce you never knew you needed.

Amplify smoked Pepper sauce

"Get Yourself Some ASAP"

From experience, the smoky table sauce version is PERFECT on pork chops, burritos, mac & cheese, pizza, and fish. I literally put Amplify on everything (I'm a major heat-head) and I'm always satisfied. Get yourself some ASAP. You won't be disappointed.

"We put it on everything!"

Wow, talk about delayed reaction! Just wanted to pop in and say the Amplify Sauce is Absolutely Amazing! I am down to ONE bottle. We have put it on almost everything! Eggs, chicken, quesadillas, pizza...literally everything.

"10/10 Would Recommend"

I made a Buffalo chicken dip and replaced the buffalo sauce with an entire bottle of Amplify. I was afraid it would be too hot, but the cream cheese really cooled it down. it was fantastic and the whole thing was gone in about 30 seconds! 10/10 would recommend.

"Thank you for Creating this"

I just tried the regular sauce and OMG! I love it. Perfect first taste and lingering spice. I shared this with my friends and family. I highly recommend. Thank you for creating this. It's awesome.

Good reputation

Known for

Amplify Sauce, while still young, is starting to make it’s own way in the world.


In case you haven't caught on, it's a smoked sauce. Seriously, we smoke everything, from the peppers to the vinegar. Your dad would be proud.


Amplify has a lot going on, but does it really? We've kept the recipe simple, the cooking process unique, and the balance on point.


Who says you can't please everyone? Amplify Sauce was crafted to "amplify any dish". Mom's meatloaf? Your world famous mac n' cheese? Distant cousin's vegan chili? You do you.

crank it up

crank it up

Perfection in a bottle

a brief history

Musician Jared Manker (Mank & Sass) has been performing all over the country for the past two decades, which leads to a lot of unique dining experiences. Some amazing, some not so much. One thing he noticed everywhere was that no one made their own hot sauce, so he set out to create his own unique sauces. Teaming up with his good friend’s and Indianapolis chef/restaurateur Jake Burgess of Foxgardin Kitchen & Ale and Jake Anderson of Anderson Creative, they created Amplify Smoked Pepper Sauce. After months of experiments, the end result was a smoke-infused process that yields the rich, piquant flavors that will “Amplify” any dish.


where to purchase

Grab a bottle or a bite at the new Amplify Sauce House. We'll see you soon!

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